Sunday, October 2, 2011

Textured Tights

As the temperature dips and my summer tanned legs start to fade, I know it's time to reach in the drawer for my go-to black opaque tights... But this year, I'm moving onto a little texture.  I've been searching around for some colors I can easily mix in to outfits and have found that I am also drawn to all the patterns that are popping up all over this season.  They are still understated, but add in a fun & sophisticated look with skirts, dresses and cropped trouser pants.  Here's a few that I will be wearing this year:
Love the simple, small pattern on these oatmeal n cream colored tights from Forever 21.  Looks cute all the way down to your toes and in LA we can do open toe shoes through Winter (minus any rain).

Best grey-blue color I could find and I really love the subtle diamond pattern on these tights.  I bought these at Marshalls... Came in a 3 pack for next to nothing and included the black, chevron pattern below. 
Skip your basic, black tights this year and go for a pair with a little pattern!

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