Friday, October 21, 2011

Four Fall Finds

I am taking in all the season has to offer (have you noticed how much I LOVE Fall?) with a few new finds and a couple others I enjoy around this time each year...
I love spiced, hot apple cider - it's a mixture of all the scents of the season.  A new discovery is the delicious Jack 'O Lantern cookies filled with vanilla bean cream from Trader Joe's - Great combo!
Another new find - This fun, Fall leaf pumpkin from an amazing store in Manhattan Beach - Growing Wild.  It's impossible to go in there and leave empty handed!
Old is new again!!  I haven't seem these BCBG heels in forever!  Perfect timing - The gold leaf detail must be paraded around this season.
The big, old Oak Tree perfectly shading the backyard is dropping acorns like crazy!  The squirrels are loving it.

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