Saturday, October 29, 2011

Six Spooky Fun Finds

Happy Halloween Weekend!  I'm a bit late getting all the decorations up, but always love going through my box of Halloween items and of course finding a couple new things to add to the collection!  Here's what's happening at my house this year:
New find!  I always dread a trip to Big Lots just due to the lines and crowded aisles, but as I was there picking up some storage containers I browsed through their piles of Halloween bins and found these great tarantula tea light holders!  They had me at glitter & sparkle!
Great gift I received last year - Skull & crossbones candles.  The middle is hollowed out so you drop in a tea light for a spooky glow that never melts away!
My tried & true Halloween costume!  Sparkly kitten ears...How can you go wrong?!
These chocolates are amazing!  Love the detail & honestly too good to even want to try and take a bite. 
Creepy Crawly ribbon to adorn some very special Halloween treats!
New addition to the front door succulent wreath...  Compared to some of the spiders I've come across in the garden, this one is not too off base!
Have a safe, spook-tabulous weekend everyone!

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