Monday, January 28, 2013

Valentine's Day Gift Idea!

Really this holiday is all about sweets & treats for us lady's, but below is a great gift idea for your guy!  Check out where you will find not only a hilariously created video (got me hook, line & sinker!) by the founder of the company, but a great product sent monthly and based on which option you choose ($1, $6 or $9 a month) a great razor and blades will be sent right to his door in a cool, sleek package.  I went with the $6 option (recommend rather than $1 which is really too basic) and the quality in the first shipment was fantastic!  Mr. Baggage was definitely impressed... and sometimes that's hard to do!

Watch the video!  This guy is f**king great.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Winter Beauty Inspiration!

It's that time of year where skin & hair unfortunately seems to be overly dry, chapped, frizzy, flaky and just plain BLAH!
Below are just a few products I have been using this past month that seem to really make a difference and a couple favorite products that help enhance the Winter blues.  
Take a peek!
Jouer glosses in perfect warming shades.  Lovely for all skin tones, these super creamy, sheer lip enhancers are all great accompaniments for a bold smokey eye.  They are full of moisturizing Shea Butter and essential oils to keep your pout from peeling when the wind and temps. dip below freezing!  Buy online HERE

Have we all seen the infomercial by now??  This product truly should be a staple for your locks!  I must admit  that shampooing my hair with a non-lathering product did make me skeptical, but it really does leave it squeaky clean with the most amazing moisture and shine!  Fight the frizz with this product as it also double as a styling cream when applied sparingly to dry hair on day 2.  Buy it HERE!
HUGE find - no dermatologist prescription needed!  I was searching for a intense night cream that would actually make a clinical difference and came across this 1% Retinol cream from SkinCeuticals.   The reviews on the site had me convinced that this product would give me some results in the "anti-aging" category I was looking for and I was so right.  ALERT!  Follow the directions carefully!  I had great results the 1st two nights I used the cream, so I was bold in thinking I could start out using this every night, but night 3 in a row was pushing it and led to red, irritated skin with some peeling.  I gave it a break for about 3 days and am back successfully using only every other day and it's perfect!  Tight, glowing, smaller pores - YES!!
Love this drugstore find!  $1.99 buys you a great, basic black polish for those at-home mani's.  It does dry super fast and I'm on day 3 with only one coat and zero chipping!
This little gem came in my January BirchBox and it is a new Must-Have product for my everyday routine.  Without this eyelid primer I would end up with my darker shadows creeping up to my brow bone by the end of the day.  Just a little bit on your lid and everything stays put... shadow, liner, shimmer.  Totally worth adding this one quick step to your overall beauty look.  Buy it HERE!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Interior Heaven!

Interior Heaven!

Current Obsession Alert! has the most amazing interior pieces to add an overall mid-modern look to your home.  Not your style... not to worry!! They really have EVERTHING you would need to update your existing look at super great prices.  Oh - and plenty of bags, shoes and jewels to make sure you look fantastic in your space as well.
Here are just a FEW of my top picks...


Agate jewelry
$59 -

Cafer Vanilla Club Chair

Metal Wall Mirror

White Pawn Stool

Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Girl Can Dream...

A Girl Can Dream...
Looking forward to a fun night on the Red Carpet!  Watching from home... THIS YEAR :)  Who will be your favorite??  I'm guessing Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are going to rock it as tonight's hosts!

Stella mccartney
$3,025 -

Alexander McQueen platform pumps

Rsvp shoes

Alexander mcqueen

Alexander mcqueen
$1,720 -

Cartier earrings

Butter london nail polish
$27 -

Butter london nail polish
$19 -

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Little Obsessions

It's a brand new year and with that comes a few new items that I currently cannot do without!
Take a peek...

Colored denim & cords... I know we have been inundated with this trend for a few seasons now, but I am really embracing it this winter.  A pop of color brightens up a cozy, grey cable knit cardigan or a soft, Winter white pima cotton long sleeve tee.  
Cant get enough of these layered (FAUX!) tusk necklaces.  The look is simple and chic with a silky blouse or v-neck tee under a structured blazer.  Stock up at Forever 21 as these will take you straight through Summer!
I found these candles during the holidays at Marshall's and scooped up several not only for the amazing winter scent  ~ Peppermint Snow ~ but for the container as it is a perfect, mirrored glass jar with a chevron pattern.  After it's done burning through it's going to make a great makeup brush or pencil holder :)
Recommended to me by some very trustworthy sources... This rich and quite luxurious body butter  smells good enough to frost a cupcake with and is so fantastic for this super cold weather.  Do yourself a HUGE favor and pick up a jar this weekend.