Saturday, January 12, 2013

Little Obsessions

It's a brand new year and with that comes a few new items that I currently cannot do without!
Take a peek...

Colored denim & cords... I know we have been inundated with this trend for a few seasons now, but I am really embracing it this winter.  A pop of color brightens up a cozy, grey cable knit cardigan or a soft, Winter white pima cotton long sleeve tee.  
Cant get enough of these layered (FAUX!) tusk necklaces.  The look is simple and chic with a silky blouse or v-neck tee under a structured blazer.  Stock up at Forever 21 as these will take you straight through Summer!
I found these candles during the holidays at Marshall's and scooped up several not only for the amazing winter scent  ~ Peppermint Snow ~ but for the container as it is a perfect, mirrored glass jar with a chevron pattern.  After it's done burning through it's going to make a great makeup brush or pencil holder :)
Recommended to me by some very trustworthy sources... This rich and quite luxurious body butter  smells good enough to frost a cupcake with and is so fantastic for this super cold weather.  Do yourself a HUGE favor and pick up a jar this weekend. 

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