Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Eve - Outfit Inspiration

We weren't planning on venturing out this New Year's Eve.  The idea was to stay in, stay warm and enjoy some savory snacks & bit 'o bubbly while ringing in the New Year on NYC time.  Sound familiar??  But, something prompted us to make a quick last minute plan and make our way out to enjoy a meal at a local, favorite spot and still make it home before the ball drops - LA time.

Now the question is... What to wear??  I wasn't planning a special outfit for tonight and the thought of trying to find something last minute is not my idea of a good time today.  Below are my picks for a quick, put together look - and really the key piece is a simple jacket or blazer.  All are at Forever 21, so you can run in and grab it quick or maybe even find some inspiration in your own closet!

Add in some amazing chandelier earrings, heels and you are well on your way to a perfect look for this evening!
I wish you a very Happy, Healthy & Creative New Year!

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