Wednesday, October 19, 2011

All That Glitters...

I love gold tones - I'm always drawn to these warmer tones maybe because of my coloring.  It looks so much better on me than silver and knowing we are closely approaching all the fun, festive days of the holiday season and I am definitely collecting a few accessories to sparkle up my look.  Here's a few easy ways you can add a touch to your style:
Add a little pop to your ponytail! (H&M)
I fell for this amazing Art Deco looking statement necklace (again...H&M).  The chunky gold hardware mixed with the peachy-orange faux leather texture will be super fun to add to a simple LBD or dress up my favorite jeans and t combo. 
I know this is not new to many, but I finally just picked up a bottle of this super versatile confetti gold glitter polish.  I've seen it many times swiped over a color as a top coat, but I also love it as my new staple to wear between manicures for a slight shimmer on clean nails.
You have to brush on a couple coats to try to evenly distribute the larger pieces of glitter - Simple & fun!

Now go out into the world and shine!

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