Sunday, June 12, 2011

Auto-matic Must Have!

Years ago I read a little snipit in the Los Angeles mag (kinda my local bible) about old cigarette machines scattered around the U.S. that dispense original art pieces for purchase as easy as buying a Snickers. I am an amateur art collector at best, so this seemed a perfect opportunity to start a collection. It's called Art-O-Mat and I finally found myself in a location where they had one... well, actually 3 located in the new Cosmopolitan in Vegas (you MUST have a glass of champagne at their Chandelier bar if you ever get the chance).
After feeding in $5 for each (who can beat that!?) below are my random selections that popped out:
I must have more - There are 2 locations currently in LA - The Geffen Contemporary @ MOCA and Reform School (I always find something I HAVE TO HAVE here). 

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