Saturday, June 18, 2011

Major Display

I have a jewelry box full of earrings that I forget I even have.  Every once in a while I'll take the time to go through them all and discover a favorite pair I bought last summer that left my memory, so I thought it's time to figure out a way to display my favorites of the season in a way that won't take up space and looks pretty.  A couple of my special little boutiques I frequent has them pinned up in really pretty glass display cases... I love the idea, but without that much space I thought of another alternative - Turning a keepsake box (like the one below I found at Aaron Brothers) into a case I can hang in my new, lovely bathroom. Take a peek below:

I just love the way it came out - easiest project ever.  I may now need another matching smaller box for all my bracelets.  And talk about an awesome gift!  I gave one to a BFF for the Holidays and added a few fun treasures from Forever 21 - This way she could see the way it would look and get right on hanging it to display any forgotten favorites she may have had tucked in a dark drawer.

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