Friday, June 17, 2011

Major Buzz

I love coffee - the stronger, the better to kick start each day!  I have no problem spending ridiculous amount of cash weekly for my morning caffiiene fix and now that the weather is trying to warm up in LA for the summer, I am switching my normal hot moca's for sweet, smooth iced coffee.  A while back I was perusing an issue of Food & Wine Magazine and they had great shot of a irresistable glass of vietmese style iced coffee.  After reading the needed ingredients it actually looked simple enough, so I made it at home and on the first try it came out perfect!! 
Here's the basic steps & What you'll need to make a batch of your own:
Start with a super dark, whole bean coffee (I like the Ultra-Dark Sumatra form Trader Joe's) and if you don't have a coffee grinder, you can grind the beans at the store.
You will need about 1 - 2 cups of really coarsely ground - almost chunky beans.
Pour the ground coffee in a french press (I found this 8 cup Bodum press at Homegoods for only $16.99).  And then fill the press to almost the top with cold water (NOT hot water).
Give the coffee & water a good 20 - 30 second stir so all of the grounds get wet.  It will look a bit think and muddy - which is good.  Place the lid on the press (do NOT push down the plunger) and set aside to "marinate" for 24 hrs at room temperature.
24 hours later, push the plunger down and behold your perfect cold brew coffee syrup! 
Next - In a tall glass add ice, 6 shots of coffee, 1 shot of sweetened condensed milk, 4 shots of milk and give it a good stir so the condensed milk mixes in rather than sitting at the bottom.  Give it a taste and add more coffee if needed :-)
For a bit more flavor add a dash of vanilla coffee syrup (careful not too much or it will be too sweet).

 Perfecting this recipe is simple & so delicious!  Sorry to all my friends at Starbucks - I will miss you this summer!!

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