Monday, August 6, 2012

Summertime Sanctuary

I recently found an interior design book I had received as a gift years ago called "Use What You Have Decorating" by Lauri Ward... I'll give you 3 guesses on the giver of this gift :).  
As I browsed through it's pages all kinds of ideas sparked for future projects, but the most apparent was the goal I have had to create a relaxing space to hang out with friends and especially neighbors in the front yard.  We have a beautiful Mulberry tree in the front that creates an absolutely perfect canopy so I did a bit of branch trimming, pulled an unused teak table and chairs out of the garage, added some "fun find" accessories and planted a few additions to spruce up the area... Viola!  A little inviting area made for catching up with people you love!

Clockwise:  1)  The space all pulled together  2)  Natural bark and branch lanterns that I clustered in the tree above the table for a homemade chandelier - found at Marshalls - all under $12.  3)  Succulent pots for the tabletop  4)  Sweet little tablecloth with fuchsia pink tassels (love that detail) which was intended to be a scarf and found at Forever21  5) wire basket and rope tote to carry the all important vino - found at Homegoods  6)  A pansy popped up that I didn't plant... 

This is Roamer - He's our sweet indoor / outdoor kitty and he makes the space complete!  He's also the reason we added the Terracotta tiles underneath the table... He LOVES Summer afternoon naps in this cool spot.

While the weather is still prompting us to spend our days & nights outside, find a space to create your very own sanctuary... Starting with a nice, shady spot is the best first step.

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