Saturday, August 18, 2012

Ribbon Belts

Belts are one of my favorite fashion accessories.  It's a super easy way to turn a basic tried & true jeans and white tee look into something you put a little more effort into.  And since mixing colors and patterns is so on trend right now I thought I would give it a shot and create a couple looks that require NO SEWING :)

Above is all you'll need:  Ribbon (best if it's sturdy material), duct tape - fashion color rather than the typical gray, exacto blade, scissors, double side tape and d-rings.

And in a few simple steps... 1)  Measure the ribbon around your hips and add approx. 11 - 12 inches extra before you cut.  2)  Feed one end of the ribbon through BOTH of the d-rings and fold over adding a strip of double sided tape to secure.  Do the same with the opposite end (meaning, fold over and tape for a hemmed finish)  3)  Using your duct tape, lay the ribbon flat with the back side facing up and add tape down the length of the belt.  This gives it a bit more sturdiness and in my case above I chose a ribbon that was not double sided so the lime green gives it a more polished look.  4)  Cut away the excess tape with scissors or the exacto blade.  5)  Finish off any fraying ends on the backside "hem" with some clear nail polish
Finished product - adorable, new chevron belt!
LOVE ... This ribbon is double sided, so I could skip the duct tape step noted above.

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