Friday, August 31, 2012

Easy Updo

It's still blazing hot here in LA and the need to keep cool is constant.  I'm growing my hair out a bit for the impending Fall Season, so as you can imagine wearing it down isn't helping the heat situation.  I came across a fantastic and super quick tutorial courtesy of Refinery 29 for a 60 second undo.  Normally it takes some practice for me to master a new look (and especially in this time constraint), but this is something I got on the first try and so I thought it was worthy of sharing with you!!  HINT:  Don't time yourself as in the video... My look came together in 3 minutes and that's pretty darn good!

Watch full tutorial HERE:  Majorly Easy Updo!

My result after spending only minute tucking in!
To start, I used a thickening hairspray all over and concentrating on the roots for a good amount of body and lift then added the stretchy headband to the crown of my head and started with tucking small pieces around my face and larger in the back.  Second, secured with about 6 - 7 bobby pins to especially hold the band in place and then finished with a swoop of strong hold hairspray.
For a softer look, pull out a couple wispy strands around your face... Love this look for day just as much as for a special night out!

Give it a try and let me know your time ;)

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