Sunday, August 26, 2012

Major Weekend Fun Finds

It's the last weekend in August and technically that has always represented the last weekend of Summer to me, so I spent Friday off of the freeways and instead got ready for a little overnight trip up to the mountains... Yes, in case you were wondering that prep time included me needing to go to the Trina Turk Sample Sale.  What a complete score that was!  Next time, you must join me!

Just ONE of the many treasures found at the Sample Sale.  Of course none of my purchases were roughing it enough to pack for the weekend getaway.
A glimpse of the perfect kitten cuddle as we headed out the door ~ Trooper is such a good big brother!  They are so sweet!
Fall dahlias in gorgeous deep purples and reds ~ the perfect gift for our mountain hosts!
Took the ski lift up at Mt. Baldy to check out the Big Horn Music Festival  - The Stone Foxes were awesome!

Hope your weekend was just as good... Wear all the white you can this week since Labor Day is just ahead :)

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