Sunday, June 24, 2012

IMATS 2012 - Los Angeles

What an amazing day!  I went to IMATS (International Make-Up Artists Trade Show) yesterday in Pasadena and it was heaven on earth.  Being that it was my first time, we got some good advice while waiting in line to enter the show... Check it all out BEFORE you buy anything!  Thank goodness I got that message or I would have gone down eisle #1 and then been all out of cash!  They were make-up brushes as far as the eye could see, color palettes galore, tons of demo's on airbrushing, a Stila Runway show and some absolutely incredible works of art to view!  
Below are some of my favorite highlights:

Deal of the Day!  This limited edition palette from bhcosmetics was a $9 steal!  The quality is fantastic.
Glimmer Body Art was there!  They applied this amazing ombre tribal glitter tattoo in just the perfect spot for a "built in" statement necklace... at least for a few days!
 More major finds from IMATS coming in future posts... You KNOW I walked out of there with a mini haul!

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