Monday, June 18, 2012

BB Cream = New BFF

A HUGE hug & kiss goes out to my BFF living in Aloha-Land for turning me onto this miracle cream!  If you haven't scoped it out already you must try this latest beauty craze called bb cream (as in beauty balm).  It has been all the rage in Asia and has recently made it to the US.  I went ahead and bought the drugstore brand by Garnier (read about it HERE) to test it out and it is amazing!  Think of a moisturizer, primer and sunscreen all in one, but sooooo much better!  There are so many brands to choose from as Estee Lauder, Clinique, Smashbox all have their variations.  As a back up for when I need more sunscreen coverage, I also bought Dr. Jart's bb cream with SPF 45 (honestly, I like the drugstore brand better).

Below is my before and after pic with Garnier's bb Miracle Cream... I did nothing to alter the pictures... Just used my fingers to apply the cream (in case you were questioning... I know I would!)  It totally smoothed out all my wacky skin tones like no other sheer moisturizer I had tried in the past.  I'm hooked.

Small investment - huge return!
Let me know what you think if you try it.

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  1. amazing! I love it too. I want to try the smashbox version. Aloha!! and your welcome!!