Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sweet Tooth Trend

I have tasted something wonderful that I think will rival the coveted cupcake!!  Mini bundt cakes from a fabulous bakery called Nothing Bundt Cakes.  They are so delicious - super moist, perfect tasting frosting (although a little too much... call me crazy!) with lots of great flavors to choose from!  I had a white chocolate raspberry - YUM!

So, while I was ready to pick up a box for the weekend, I got inspired to make a banana bundt myself... Just to compare.  Sad to say that while it didn't look as pretty as NBC's above (I didn't let it cool completely in the cake form... lesson learned) it tasted delicious.  Really, how could it not when I poured my new found favorite... Fleur de Sel Caramel Sauce (from TJ's) over the top, then took a nice, ripe banana, sliced and coated it in sugar & fried the pieces in butter until caramelized. Added that to the cake as an additional topping... Way to make it work!!
I love DIY projects, but I'm certainly not ruling out ordering a box of mini's the next time around!

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