Thursday, September 1, 2011

An Apple a Day...

Too bad it can't make the Summer stay!  Sept. 1st already!  I definitely noticed this week that the Summer days are coming an end... Traffic has picked back up as all are back from their vacations, school has started and the sun is starting to set earlier.  The good news is Fall is right around the corner and it happens to be my favorite season so stay tuned for some great posts to propel us into the coming holidays.  Until then - We'll stick with Summer until Labor Day officially signals the end.
A fun little ring for Back to School... Of course found it at Forever 21! - They are the alternative to a nice, warm greeting.  Peruse through some of the many topics and you'll find some very funny, sarcastic and quite rude greetings - Ya never know... Their motto is "When you care enough to hit send".

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