Sunday, July 17, 2011

Summer Reads

As summer approaches and is now unfortunately half over, I am proud to say I can check off one of my items on the to-do list... I've been holding on to 2 books that I highly recommend for a lazy, warm weather read on a weekend getaway:
An Object of Beauty by Steve Martin (yep, SNL Steve Martin) was a really fun journey back to the mid 90's with a super sassy, sexy and smart character in her mid 20's.  It takes place in the booming art world of NYC and leads you through to the tragic times of 9/11.  I paired this book in the pic with 2 great Modern Art reference books as the novel takes you through many masters and I needed a bit of help with the visuals :-)
I'm just getting started on this fantastic, sarcastic and so close to home (literally) novel that a close friend mentioned was a must read about the inter-workings of the Pasadena "Elite" Society of women, friendships, marriages... I'm heading out to the backyard lounger with an iced coffee right about now - Chapter 4 awaits!!

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