Sunday, July 17, 2011

Speak Greek to Me!

Just returned from a fantastic trip to Athens, Greece - A life changing, amazing experience meeting some of the most gorgeous, hospitable people who were so kind to take me under their wing and show me their amazing city!  Of course, the trip would have not been complete without a day searching for treasures to bring home... And I don't mean swiping a piece of the ancient ruins of The Acropolis (although it did cross my mind!)
Found the perfect bag at a boutique in the Kolanaki area of Athens known for its chic shops and trendy cafe's - They were having a HUGE sale and I admit, I went a bit nuts!  The infinity pattern and the gold studded trim make it for me - Total fav!!
I received this delicious scented bath set from a dear and adorable friend in Athens - It's from Mastiha Shop and the oils in the body wash come from a type of pistachio tree known to have amazing healing properties.
Well, I am just in love my leather, clay colored platforms - I cant stop imagining all the outfits I'll wear and places I'll go in these beauties... Another great find at the Kolanaki boutique sale.  I'm pretty sure the ladies who owned the shop wished I lived in Athens.
Funky / Fun slingback wedges!
One of my most favorite discoveries was the News Stands scattered about the city.  I wanted to pick up a couple fashion mags for a souvenir and to my surprise found out that they "come with presents"!  They package Vogue, Elle, etc. with beach bags!! 
My new friend at this news stand loved me... I carried off as many mags w/ presents as I could!  7 Euros - can't beat that.
A delicious dinner at the Sea - Met friends, drank wine, sampled delicious treats.  I feel so lucky to have had this experience!

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