Sunday, November 4, 2012

Socks & Heels

I may be a year or so behind on this trend, but as the weather turns chilly here in LA I'm looking for an easy alternative to tights to wear with my weekly uniform of dresses and skirts.  I've treaded very lightly  with this idea as all that pops into my head is the thought of looking too much like those lovely ladies in the 80's music video prancing around to "Legs" by ZZTop.  Right... that's NOT the look I'm going for!
Below is my interpretation of how far I am will to take this along with some similar looks I found Pinning around...

The perfect length is an inch or so above your ankle bone.  Start out with a neutral grey and keep the rest of your look pretty basic.  My preference is pairing this trend with dresses and skirts at or a bit below the knee.

I can never pass up a chevron pattern... Going a little bolder with this look, but I think it works if I keep to a super simple outfit.  I am a big fan of mixing patterns in the same color scheme.

Below are a few more looks I found searching around on Pinterest:

I love this photo mainly for the deep red and camel color combo as the socks may be a little too ambitious for me at this stage.
And here are a couple open toe looks that seem reasonable to me... I would probably start with black on black like Leighton Meester's fun look on the left.  

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