Sunday, November 25, 2012

Glitter Barrettes - DIY!

Tis the Season to Sparkle!!  Just a touch added to your look everyday is so festive, so I have been on the look-out for something simple to embellish a basic outfit that I could share.  Usually, I immediately gravitate towards ideas at (website HERE) and I found a simple, glittery Bobbi pin that I loved and it seemed like it may be easy enough that I could give it a whirl and make a few of my own...

Here's how they came out - Pretty good, right??

Here's the "how to":

Supplies needed are spools of glitter ribbon (3/8 inch width is perfect), strong glue - my favorite is E-600, scissors and classic Goody barrettes!
To get started, cut a piece of the ribbon just a touch longer than the length of the barrette so you make sure not to come up too short.  Next, dab on the glue all over the top of the barrette making sure 1st that you have unclasped the barrette so you can hold from the bottom and also so the clasp does not accidentally get glued in place.
Final steps - place the piece of ribbon on top of the glue lining up the ribbon perfectly even with the back of the barrette (I consider the front where the clasp is) you will see you have a bit of ribbon hanging over the front, so once you have lightly pressed the ribbon down onto the barrette to make sure it adheres properly you can grab a pair of scissors and carefully even up the longer side so it now perfectly evens up with the barrette.  Set aside and let dry overnight (reminder - leave the clasp open!)
I love these for a little stocking stuffer, gift exchange or hostess gift... It's so easy you could make a pretty impressive set that any gal who wants a little shimmer will LOVE!
Make sure to save a few for yourself :)

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