Tuesday, October 9, 2012

White Lights

I popped into Target to get a few bags of Halloween candy... A bit early, I know so we'll see how long it lasts under my care before I have to go back for more!!  I also happened to peruse the aisles with all the Christmas decorations and came across the massive shelves full of all the holiday lights.  I like to stock up on the white twinkle lights since they are appropriate all year round and so a few boxes came home with me and on a recent browsing of Pinterest I found some very clever ideas to use them for!

Milk carton ghosts for Halloween!  Cut a hole in the back and feed in the lights - Perfect illumination!
Skip adding your empties to the recycle bin, they are perfect lighting accessories to your mantle, bar cart or as a dining table centerpiece.

In this picture the hula hoop is first wrapped in lace... I'm sure any type of ribbon or fabric will do, but I'm thinking a rustic burlap with it's great texture would work.
Start decorating the trees as they start to lose their leaves!
From Apartment Therapy... White lights (with the white cords) behind sheer, white curtains.  So dreamy!
Simply draped over a wardrobe mirror - lovely for an entryway!
Head over to a craft store, like Michael's or Joanne Fabrics and you are sure to find mirrored garland.  Cascade down the top of a curtain rod (with or without curtains) and mix in the lights for amazing sparkle.

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