Sunday, October 7, 2012

First Fall Weekend

I'm sure you have heard enough about our brutal heat wave that hit LA for the past month, but I am going to venture it's safe to say we are officially into our Fall season and to celebrate I headed out these past couple of days to soak it all in!

Amazing pumpkins found at Trader Joe's and a trip to the Montrose Farmer's Market... My Trooper Boy jumped in the basket to join, but poor guy had to be coaxed out - No kittens allowed in the market :)
I saw many posts from friend's this weekend mentioning they were heading up to Oak Glen for  apple picking!  Mr. Baggage and I did this last Fall, so I pulled up a couple pics from the trip.  We were a little nervous about drinking un-pasteurized cider, but it all ended well.  
Pulled out a couple pairs of my well worn wedges to carry me through another season.  Cobalt blue is a must-have color this year...  Find a way to add some touches to your look.
Treasures dropped from the birds... One big sunflower found blooming in the backyard!

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