Thursday, September 20, 2012

Major Baggage Boutique Exclusive!

I am beyond excited to share with you an amazing new boutique that opened in my area this past April... AND thanks to friends who know me well I was led to discover all its treasures for myself this past month.  Three words... Major Fun Find!

Tucked away in our beautiful Foothill town is a fashion boutique not to be missed called MARE (pronounced like MARAY with a little trill in your "r").  Adorable Lissa & her BFF, Wilma are the proud owners of this totally on trend boutique.  They have a great eye for choosing pieces that I would dare to say you would all call "must-haves".

Take a peek below, and add trip to this part of LA to your to-do list. They are having an amazing 50% off all red tag End of Summer Sale you won't want to miss from September 20th - Oct. 8th to prepare for all their incoming Fall & Winter fashions. 
Find MARE on Facebook (CLICK HERE) for details on address, boutique hours, etc.

It was like being a kid in Candyland with perfectly displayed clutches and a collections of belts in all the right colors... 
What more could a girl ask for??  How about an amazing selection of cuffs, bangles & chunky bracelets.  Above, I picked out just a few of my favorites!
Visit the boutique on a Saturday and I'm afraid this handsome boy,  Pogi just might give you the hard sell if you even think about leaving without a fun find of your own (P.S. - he LOVES sweet treats!)
I gravitated toward their Fall colors and patterns that will take you right through the end of the year!  They have such a great selection of flowy tops and shift dresses.  It's a one stop shop for gifts and to find the perfect "night out" look!  

Thank you Abbie & Lissa for your warm hospitality!
I wish MARE all the success in the world!

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