Sunday, July 1, 2012

Shoe Case

It was finally time to take serious stock and organize my shoes.  Gone are the days of hanging shoe compartments in the closet and piles near the front door! I wanted to be able to see what I have and have an easy way to be diligent in putting them in their place at the end of the day, so I went with a basic, white bookcase from Ikea that happens to look quite good in my office!  Of course, I have dreams of a glorious walk in closet filled with beautiful shelving, perfect lighting and a luxurious chaise lounge with which to gaze at all my collections, but for now I am perfectly content with this inexpensive option.  
It was fun to come across a few pairs I really have not seen for years and still love & at the same time gave me the opportunity to toss many that needed to go (I should have snapped a few pics for a good laugh!).  Oh!  Did I mention the new found space in my closet with which to hang things...
From Ikea - It's the Billy bookshelf in white for only $59.99 (click HERE for more info.)

Fits four pairs per shelf perfectly - total of 32 :)  I had to put some on the way top, too.  You can also purchase additional shelves to make more room.  I bought two more than it came with and definitely didn't regret it.

Come Fall I'll need to figure out where to put all my boots!

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