Sunday, July 8, 2012

Major Summer Shoe Find

A month or so ago I posted a picture of a pair of gorgeous Bettye Muller espadrilles on the Major Baggage Facebook page that were offered for a limited time on  Of course they sold out of my size right away!  They were on sale for $140 down from over $200 and I was so bummed I missed the opportunity to own them... They were the perfect Summer shoe!!

WELL!  On a recent trip through DSW (Designer Shoe Warehouse) I was skimming through the clearance section and came across a pretty much EXACT match in style with a slightly shimmery zebra pattern and maybe a bit of a lower wedge, but other than that - PERFECT!   Did I mention these were $35!!!

Never discount the clearance section!  And I make it rule to not judge the shoe from looking in the box... Try them on and maybe go a bit out of your comfort zone.  I find that those purchases are the ones I get the most compliments on.  Can't wait to try these with a blue checkered button up and a crisp, white linen skirt!

And just so you can see the comparison as I know some of you loved the Bettye Muller's as well...

C'mon - how close is this!!  And I really think I like the texture and pattern of the zebra print a bit more... 

Save your hard earned cash and enjoy the search for similarities!  
Major gratification.

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