Thursday, August 18, 2011

Major DIY

Little insight to this post:
I am a major coffee fanatic - My favorite when I am brewing a pot at home is Don Francisco's Cinnamon Hazelnut... I make it super strong so one can lasts me only about 4 days.  I have tossed a few of these cans in the recycle bin, but many have just been stacked up in my office waiting for me to come up with a use for them...
My other collective love is all the amazing decorative papers they have at a fav store of mine - Paper Source.  I buy sheets and sheets, pin them on the wall and gaze ~ so many fun colors and patterns.  The collection is actually getting a bit ridiculous!

Thus, the below super simple project was born:
Simple enough... wrap your favorite patterned craft paper around the coffee can, secure with double-stick tape and fill with fun items!  Could even be a great vase since the coffee cans are water proof (careful not to get the paper wet).  Gift idea:  I'm making a few little back to school care packages filled with some essentials to start off the year on a creative note!
What would your gift theme be?

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