Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Backyard Lantern Refresh

At the end of Summer 2012 I found 2 of these wood lanterns on super clearance at HomeGoods (maybe like $4 each!) knowing they would be perfect for some extra backyard accent lighting.  At the time I bought them they were a decent forest green and I let it go at that.  They unfortunately did not get put away during the winter months (not much in the backyard ever does) and got quite faded and mildewy from some wind and rains.  Mr. Baggage urged me to throw them away (he is soooo like that!), but I love the structure of the pair and the large size is a total plus so off I went to pick up some gold shimmer paint... Just like new ~ but even better!

Before (above) and after one coat (below)
So pretty by day and by candlelight at night

I bought a couple spray cans... And now MANY items around the house seem to need some shimmer...

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