Thursday, March 28, 2013

Mint Condition

Happy Spring, everyone!  I am always surprised at how excited I get when the seasons change.  It's an obvious mood booster when we go from Winter into the warmer, more colorful and light Springtime season and with that came some inspiration for a color trend I am whole heartily grasping onto.  Mint is an amazing neutral color that adds just the right amount of depth to your look and your interiors... AND, well you know me - I'm a sucker for packaging, so if it's minted I'm gonna pick it up and give it a try!!

Here's a few of my current favorites:

Essie's Mint Candy Apple is a fantastic shade for your next mani.  Remember - Use it as a neutral rather than the focus point and pair it with a roaring hot pink!  Love this look found on Pinterest.
It's also a great season for mission organization!!  CB2 will help you stay on trend and store all those pesky papers in this great filing cabinet.  
I admit, the color pop of the packaging got me at first... But I really am obsessed with the Baby Lips line of lip balms and this one has a hint of tint that I love for a little flush of color.  PLEASE - Don't get me started on how amazing Sally Hershberger's texture spray smells!!  It's heaven and vacation rolled up into one perfect beachy wave spray.  This goes in my handbag for spritzing all throughout the day.
HELLO LOVELY'S!!!  Enough said... Buy them online HERE
They will go with everything!!  Navy, black, grey, emerald green, hot pink, white....
Accent a wall with this cooling, calming tone... Love these pics from Pinterest showing how amazing adding berry or gold accents can make all the difference when put together with this color.  Benjamin Moore paints has some great options... Check out a favorite HERE
Just went to a lovely Lia Sophia jewelry party (lots of bubbly = lots of buying!) and fell in love with their Marrakesh necklace!  Should be delivered any day now and I'll be wearing this straight through the Summer.
Mr. Baggage got it so right when he chose this Mad Men style bag from Kate Spade as a special gift.  He really does have fantastic taste... :)
Headed straight for my office is this super fun monogram pillow found HERE on Etsy.   Toss these around your place for a little pop of minty-fresh color.  Accent pillows on a neutral colored sofa with a nice, big bowl of yellow lemons on your coffee table... Instant Spring!
You've totally been minted!!
Have a great day!

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