Sunday, May 13, 2012

Front Yard to Table

It's Mulberry Tree harvest time!  Out of nowhere several years ago a tree started growing in the most perfect spot in our front yard.  I had no idea what it was for several years, but it provided much needed shade so we continued to nurture it.  Then about 3 -4 years ago it started sprouting bunches and bunches of sweet berries - Our neighbors said there are many Mulberry trees in the area, but none that they had seen are producing fruit like ours.  We have been savoring and sharing for years now...Yes, the berries make a huge mess in the yard, on the cars and in the street and the wildlife that clamors into that tree for a taste is insane.  We even catch folks just out for a walk pulling down a branch to grab a handful (is that stealing??).  It really does feel rewarding to make something delicious that is growing right outside your window...

For this crop - Mulberry Almond Muffins with a Sweet Orange Glaze.

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