Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sequined Flip-Flops

I'm all about a little sparkle here and there, so below is a super easy and inexpensive way to add a touch to a basic pair of flip-flops and maybe even branch out to a pair of neglected heels found in the deep depths of your closet...

Simple DIY:
Pair of flip-flops (Old Navy has the best deal and color selection)
Mixed sequins (varying shapes and colors - I bought a bag at Michael's)
Super Strong glue (I used E-6000 and it's great)
Small paintbrush
I also bought a small box of faux crystals and found a great way to use them on heels...
Squeeze out a bit of the glue and rub it in on each side then smear around just a bit with the paintbrush.  You want a good sticky surface.
Pour a generous amount of the sequins onto the glue - they set in randomly which is the look I went with rather than trying to make it look to uniform.
Gently push them into the glue, shake off the excess and rearrange a bit if need be making sure to remove any that are not secure.  You will most likely have to add a couple by hand with a dab of glue if some areas did not take. Then put them in a shady spot to dry overnight.
This is what I did with the crystals... Love the new sparkle added to a pair of slingbacks I had forgotten about.  These took a bit more time as you want to make sure to create a pattern and have each look the same.  Inspiration was a pair of Mui Mui heels I saw HERE
Cap-toed a pair of H&M ballet flats ~ The toe of the shoes had gotten scraped up prior and looked really worn so I added a bit of embellishment and good as new!  These are really fun with the standard jeans and a white tee look.  As you can see I kept within a certain color scheme for these.

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