Sunday, March 25, 2012

Happy Sundae!

I'm addicted to super strong espresso and I couldn't dream of a world without ice cream, so the amazing combination of the two in an Italian Sundae called Affogato is what I've been creating lately.  Bon Appetit did an article called The Adult Sundae (shown here) back in May 2011 and it's held a special place on my fridge to remind me to serve as a super easy dessert that combines an after dinner sweet with a little boost of energy needed after a hearty meal. 
Finished with an additional drizzle of espresso and sidelined with some gingersnap biscuits I found at Trader Joe's - perfect dipping cookie!
If you have a single serving coffee maker you could brew one espresso K-cup per person into a traditional size coffee or tea cup (I bought the CBTL machine after testing and found it does make the best tasting, strongest espresso - (Keurig is no comparison).
Add in a small scoop of your favorite, rich vanilla ice cream (a rich chocolate is delicious as well).
I used decaf espresso (which seems like an oxymoron) just to test the flavor and it was perfect!
Topped it off with a little grated cinnamon, but as mentioned in the BA Daily article you could do cocoa powder, ground hazelnuts or a drizzle of salted caramel sauce.  YUM!

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