Thursday, January 5, 2012

Makeup Makeover

OK - Time to say OUT with the REALLY old cosmetic purchases made throughout the years and IN with some great, new basics.  My drawer is jammed packed with beauty items that I had labeled Must-Haves, but ended up being a bit too trendy for my look.  So I set out to collect some great replacements that have quickly become a part of my daily routine.
I highly recommend this NARS lip glaze (shown in Eros).  It's perfect for all skin tones and looks lovely on it's own or over a rich lipstick color for a subtle shimmer.  Plus, using a lip brush feels so luxurious :-)
Good for all skin tones - Perfect Peachy-Pink, matte blush (Peach Fusion) - gives you a sweet, flushed look.
HUGE "A-Ha" moment... Toss out that old, archaic torture device that actually rips out lashes when you clamp down and instead treat yourself to a HEATED eyelash curler.  It take seconds to get a faux-lash-like curl... And don't worry, it does not get anywhere near as hot as a flat iron.
Perfect palate!  Stila is my ultimate when it comes to great color sets.  This case has a great mix of shimmer and matte colors and the big bonus is the smudge free, water proof eyeliner that goes on like a liquid with the control of a pencil.  Hands down the best eyeliner I have come across yet!

I am a believer!!  I had a sample of this product and used it a couple times after moisturizing and before foundation and the smooth texture it gave my skin was well worth a full size purchase.  It's perfect for toning down larger pores in the "T-zone" and also seemed to fill in my SUPER FINE lines :-)

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  1. I have an old school torcher curler that I heat up with my blow dryer. I definitely need to look in to one of these. Thanks!!-Brandy