Thursday, September 19, 2013

Love it... or Leave it?

Love it... or Leave it?
I'm seeing a TON of this in all mags for the Autumn into the Winter as the must-have pattern to mix into your look.  Again, I'm on the fence... I mean, it's traditional (nothing new) but is it something I am going to hunt down on my shopping excursions this season??  I'm going to say no when it comes to clothing, but the bag with a chunky gold chain might not be something I could pass up!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Four Fun Finds

As I continue to transition into the Fall season, I wanted to share a few items of interest I have come across that you may find the need to accumulate as well!


In an effort to slough of Summer's dry skin and fade a few thousand freckles I have collected, I ordered a tried and true at home glycolic peel set from  I will use only once - maybe twice a week and follow the directions it comes with religiously to get soft skin results without the huge price tag of a trip to the spa or dermatologist.

I am loving the idea of a pending sweater season and will welcome it with a Southwestern patterned cardigan.  All three above are from Forever 21.  Keeping is simple with a black & white color scheme so the look doesn't get to corny.  Maxi, shawl or chunky knit style???...
THAT is the question!!

SHE'S BAAAAACK!  Who doesn't love Elizabeth Gilbert since she took us on her amazing journey with Eat, Pray, Love ~ And her new book is almost out... Perfect, cozy, deep, MUST read!
Discover more HERE.


Our new addition to the family!  I picked this up at the Rose Bowl Flea Market last weekend...  Going along with my Southwestern feel ~ I am working on a home decor upgrade of Mid-Century meets Ralph Lauren & Tommy Hilfiger and this cool (Mr. Baggage thinks kinda creepy) deer skull is seeming to be a good match for the wall at the end of the hall... Now need a pin spot light for some dramatic effect.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Love it... or Leave it?

Love it... or Leave it?
Right off the bat, I'm going with LOVE.  I'm a product of the 90's and it brings back a little leftover grunge in me.  Also, #1 - I love the colors and #2 - it's a fun pattern.  I'd say I'm most likely to choose to accessorize with shoes or a handbag, but I'm really close to paying a visit to the Gap this weekend for the basic jacket.  It's perfect to layer in LA for our pending Fall season.
What do YOU think?

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Backyard Lantern Refresh

At the end of Summer 2012 I found 2 of these wood lanterns on super clearance at HomeGoods (maybe like $4 each!) knowing they would be perfect for some extra backyard accent lighting.  At the time I bought them they were a decent forest green and I let it go at that.  They unfortunately did not get put away during the winter months (not much in the backyard ever does) and got quite faded and mildewy from some wind and rains.  Mr. Baggage urged me to throw them away (he is soooo like that!), but I love the structure of the pair and the large size is a total plus so off I went to pick up some gold shimmer paint... Just like new ~ but even better!

Before (above) and after one coat (below)
So pretty by day and by candlelight at night

I bought a couple spray cans... And now MANY items around the house seem to need some shimmer...